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Doing Good in the Community!

We are grateful for the support of our amazing partners who are doing their bit to raise consciousness and support community health and wellbeing.  These sponsors have helped promote & subsidise the cost of your ticket

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Supporting others WhoSupport Others


Each year we partner, promote and/or support various local and international charities, organisations and groups. We also provide goodwill tickets to women who have experienced financial or emotional hardship or to those who have contributed generously to the community.  

See our FAQ on the Homepage on how to apply.

The Festival is supporting the following community partners through financial support, and good will tickets. 

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Please feel free to send forth your ideas and we can see if we can assist your organisation


Contact Us Today

Seven Sisters Festival’s is always looking for new partnerships with like-minded organisations.

Does your organisation value:

Health and well-being |  Women | Self development |  Spirituality  | Empowerment
| Connection |

YES?! Then we have a range of opportunities to allow your organisation to be involved with the festival and we’re always happy to talk about other amazing creative ideas. Lets chat!

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