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Receive Insights & Guidance


  • Find a reader or psychic that resonates. 

  • Make a Booking through their listed channels during the festival week (16-23 of Oct)

  • Book either a online or in person, for a time over the next 6 months.


All Therapists and Psychics are offering up to 12 sessions each for 50% off their regular prices. 

​Booking details, codes & instructions will be sent to festival guests the day before the Festival.

Page will be updated when a therapist is BOOKED OUT.




MAREE LUTZOFF | Maree Lutzoff Psychic Medium

As a compassionate psychic medium, Maree will connect with your energy, and work with loved ones in spirit, your higher self, her Clair senses, tarot and oracle cards, to provide guidance, and empowerment on all your questions and potential

Loves Readings For:

Interpersonal relationships, family,  spiritual growth, past and future timeline

Offer:  Online Only

30 min reading - $30 (standard rate $60) 

45 min reading - $40 (standard rate $80)

Fully Booked
Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 12.33.31

GISELLE | Clairvoyant Giselle

I specialise in heartfelt Clairvoyant, Past Life, Mediumship and Tarot readings. I also offer personalised Journey Coaching and Psychic Development sessions. I am grateful to be Reading by phone & online, for people all over the world.

I am comfortable looking into most concerns. I also provide a lot of detail, aiming to leave “no stone unturned” around your queries.

30 min Phone Psychic Reading - $30 (standard rate $60) 
Voice Recorded E-Reading - answers up to 2 questions - $27.50 (standard rate $55)

50% OFF 

Please call or text 490793964 OR
Book online and quote code at checkout: Codes: Astrology Highlights-ASTROSSF2020, Dream Interpretation-DREAMSSF2020, Animal Guides-ANIMALSSF2020, 30 min Phone Reading-SSF2020 

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Phone/Online only


MAREE ZENNER | Medium Maree

As a Psychic Medium I am passionate about connecting people with their loved ones and bringing forward Spiritual messages and guidance. I have loved coming to Seven Sisters over many years to meet and support amazing, beautiful women. Having a stall with Jenny Leather last year and my time in the Healing Haven this March and other years has been so rewarding.

For those who want to connect with their spiritual team and loved ones. I always love reconnecting women with their babies.

30 min reading - $30 (standard rate $60)

45 min reading - $40 (standard rate $80)

50% OFF 

Please call  0419 711 119  and state "Maree's Special"  to redeem the 50% discount.

Loves Doing Readings:

Offer: Online Only


ANDREA GARCIA| Laughing Goddess

5th generation psychic medium, trained in multiple modalities. Facilitator, ceremonialist, shadow worker, channeller and alchemist. My work is very shamanic

Tarot, mayan astrology, soul path, past lives, spirit animals, messages from passed loved ones

60 min psychic medium reading - $50 (standard rate $100)

60 min pyschometry clairvoyant scrying - $50 (standard rate $100)

Please text 0408066626 to redeem the discount and state "LAUGHING"

50% OFF 

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online or In Person


ANNITA CAHILL | Majellic Healing

As a Medium I am passionate about bringing accurate evidence to help people recognize their loved ones are still with us in the Spirit World bringing them together enabling conversations of love & healing to take place.

Helping people realise their inner truth that they too can merge with Spirit.

30 min reading - $20 ( standard rate $40)

60 min reading - $37 ( standard rate $75)

Please call 0414981078 / email & state "seven sisters" to redeem discount.

50% OFF 

Loves Treating:

Offer: Online or In Person


STAR BATISTICH | Altruistic Obsession

I am the ultimate combination of practicality and spirituality . I am a certified Counselor & Reiki  practitioner, who is also a gifted Psychic Medium as well as being a Natural Witch.

Soul Purpose, Emotional Well-being, Blockages & Imbalances,  Relationships/Love, Ancestral Trauma

Please contact 0439134055 or via email: & state "HappyGoddess" to make discount booking

50% OFF 

30 min reading - $30 (standard rate $60)

60 min reading - $50 ( standard rate $100)

Loves Treating:

Offer: Online or In Person


JENNY HODGE | Christalignment

The Christalignment team are trained and gifted readers and healers, offering highly accurate intuitive Destiny Readings using our own cards and accessing the safe third heaven realm. The 30 min readings deeply address all life questions and issues.

Negative issues Loves providing insights on: relationships, future, cleansing, job

50% OFF 

Book online or email with code "Third Heaven" to make discount booking

40 min reading - $30 (standard rate $60)

Loves Treating:

Offer: Online or In Person


NAOMI INGLETON | Intuitive Mentor

Naomi is a natural Psychic Medium who regularly works with spirit to bring messages from loved ones and provide clarity, specialising in business mentoring in spirit and the “muggle” world with practical holistic advice and guidance.

Direction and guidance on love, life and business

30 min reading - $40 (standard rate $85) 

50% OFF 

Addcoupon code "SEVENSISTERS" when booking

Loves Providing Insights On:

Offer: Online or In Person

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 3.37.15 pm.png


OptiMystic Xzavia Is a heart centered, highly intuitive psychic who’s passion is to assist as many souls as possible live a happy, abundant and joyous life. ~Psychic medium ~Channel ~Twin flame ~Spiritual & Business Mentor

Specializing in Past life healing & release, Chakra balance, Self love, Relationships, Children, Readings, Addictions, Trauma, Psychic growth & more.

60 min intuitive healing - $60 (standard rate $120)

60 min oracle card reading - $50 (standard rate $100)

50% OFF 

Please enter "OptiMystic" in coupon section online to receive 50% off when booking

Offer: Online or In Person

Loves Providing Insights On:

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 3.45.20 pm.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 3.47.49 pm.png

SUSIE MCCARTHY | Wholistic Education Spirit Guide

Susie McCarthy is the founder of Wholistic Education. She is a talented Soul/Spirit guide and Animal Power artist. With her special education teaching background she has a particular interest in the Spiritual and Emotional well-being of people of all age groups.

Identifying your Animal Power Spirit Guide or Soul Spirit Guides though intuitive pastel artwork. Children’s drawings are a speciality.

personal artwork of your spirit guide or soul animal - $110 (standard rate $220)

50% OFF 

Please go to my website and book through 'contact' option. Code: Spirit Guide

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 3.52.43 pm.png

Offer: Online or In Person

Loves Providing Insights On:


BIANCA SIMONE MAYERS | SoulSpeak Frequencies

I am a Psychic Medium and a Sound Healing Energy Therapist with a client base that spans the globe. With over 20 years of professional experience my greatest gift is being able to provide insight and healing to those who seek it.

Loves Treating:

Connect you to passed loved ones, your life purpose and love life + shift + heal blocked energy.

Offer:  Online or In Person

45 min zoom soulmate relationship reading + activation - $111 (standard rate $222)

45 min zoom akashic record soul purpose reading + activation - $111 (normally $222)

To book email : & mention "7 sisters" offer

50% OFF 


KELLY MCGIVERN | Psychic Medium

Kelly McGivern is Sacred Sistah, a psychic medium, an intuitive healer and teacher based in Melbourne, Australia.  Kelly assists you to look within yourself to heal painful emotions and transform to a place of deep inner healing.    She uses a variety of modalities including crystal healing, shamanic healing and pyschic and mediumship readings. 

Providing healing messages from spirit that can assist you in your daily life, bringing you direction, peace and wellbeing

Offer:  Online or In Person

30 min reading - $30 (standard rate $60)

60 min reading - $60 (standard rate $100

50% OFF 

Please call 0410343079 & state 'seven sisters' or go to to book online and type in the code "SSF20" to receive 50% off

Loves Treating:





Cara has been casting and reading astrological charts for over 40 years, specializing in synastry or relationship charts. She also has a thriving celebrancy practice and performs beautiful, bespoke, legally binding handfasting ceremonies.

My focus is relationship astrology. I love to guide clients to see how their partner’s chart interacts with their own.

 30 min astrology reading - $30 (standard rate $60)

Please book via her website OR email  OR call 0422 653 653 and ask for a 2020 Seven Sisters booking

50% OFF 

Loves Providing Insights On:

Offer: Online or In Person


GRACE FUNK | Priestess Your Life

Grace Funk practices Traditional Astrology and has offered readings for more than eight years.  She's passionate about how the particular moment of our birth is an imprint, on every level, and can continue to inform our purpose throughout our life.

Existential confusion(!), rites of passage of aging (eg. Saturn Return, age 29-30), Lilith archetype

60 min natal chart reading or soul query – $60 (standard rate $120)

60 min lilith, chiron or saturn return reading – $60 (standard rate $120)

Please go to and use coupon:  "SISTER50"

50% OFF 

Loves Providing Insight On:

Offer: Online Only


TANYA WASYLEWSKI | Inner Astrology

An Intuitive Astrology reading with Tanya will provide you with insight into any area of your life including relationships, career and life purpose so you can embrace upcoming opportunities and make choices with clarity and confidence.

Loves Providing Insight On:

life purpose, Relationships.

45 min reading - $43 (standard rate $85)

75 min reading - $75 (standard rate $150)

50% OFF 

Please go to and type code "SEVENSISTERS" to receive 50% off your booking

Offer: Online Only


EMILY GLASER |  Vedic Astrology

I'm an astrologer who advises creative, successful women who are devoted to self-awareness and personal growth.  I will help you to clarify your unique talents and guide you to move forward with confidence.

Loves Providing Insights On:

Authentic gifts and unique talents

60 min astrology reading - $82 (standard rate $164)

50% OFF 

Please email and ask for a 2020 Seven Sisters booking.

Offer: Online Only


ALICIA YUSUF | Astrologer

Inspired by the stars and the natural world around us, Alicia helps clients come back to themselves. Clients describe sessions as uplifting, inspiring and yet practical as they leave with solid ideas on how to take next steps in their lives.

Life purpose, relationships and spiritual path

60 min year ahead consult- $70 (standard rate $140)

90 min birth consult - $90 (standard rate $180)

Please go to and use code "SSF20" in checkout to receive discount

50% OFF 

Loves Providing Insights On:

Offer: Online or In Person




EVA LOUISA | Eva's Healing Space

I am an intuitive healer that uses oracle cards. My specialty is helping people seeking direction in their life. People that are at a crossroads are often drawn to me for guidance.

My cards, intuition, and lateral thinking combine to help people direct their inner desires.

50% OFF 

Please put "SSB" in the notes of your booking. Book through FB appointment

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online Only

 45 min oracle reading - $45 (standard rate $90)



INDY SWAN | Heart Guidance

Indy has the ability to tap into the layers of your energy field. Using YOU as her guide, she can pinpoint areas of your life to reveal the secrets that hold you back whether it’s a blockage within your body or thought processes, a message from beyond or dream interpretation

Loves to assist with healing guidance and wisdom through channeling spirit

 30 min reading - $25 (standard rate $50)

 1 hour reading - $50 (standard rate $100)

Please call 0432167705 or email  with code "SSF20" to receive 50% off your booking

50% OFF 

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online Only


ALISON MILTON | Readings with Alison

I enjoy giving spiritual guidance through readings using oracle cards. My messages are fun and insightful. I give direction to those who are in need of help, when they are in situations that are making them unhappy.

I help EMPOWER people to MOVE ON in their lives, with direction and confidence.

30 min reading - $25 (standard rate $50)


50% OFF 

Please text 0428 019 436 & state "festival" to redeem your discounted reading.

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online or In Person



Using tarot cards and intuitive guidance as a conduit for the divine, I offer 'soul readings'.   With practical information I guide you back towards, your awakened heart centre where your true GPS lies.  I am based between Bali and Australia.

Your heart is your inner guidance, a connection to all that is, come home to your sacred space.

15 min audio recording of a photo reading for - $15 (standard rate $30)

30 min reading via Skype - $25 (standard rate $50)

Please email & state "LEGIANKAJA" to redeem 50% discount off your reading

50% OFF 

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online Only


CANDY VAN ROOD | Earth Heart.Love

'Tarot readings are a powerful and transformational entry into the inner world where questions can be deeply held and answered.'

'Let us enquire into your deepest heart's knowing to find clarity and empowerment.'

30 min tarot reading - $30 (standard rate $60) 

60 min tarot reading - $55 (standard rate $110)

50% OFF 

Please text 0412494985 & state '7 Sisters special' to get the links and the discount code so can book on my online calendar.

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online Only


JESSLYN MILLER | Majik of Life

My intuitive tarot readings are a gateway to tap into your feelings & assist you in making informed choices. This can assist in improving your life by gaining clarity & guidance to highlight areas that need more attention & awareness. Allowing you to make empowered choices with the direction for your life, remember you always have free will.

relationships, career, what’s unfolding at the present time, clarity & guidance to move forward

30 min intuitive tarot reading - $33 (standard rate $66)

60 min intuitive tarot reading - $60 (standard rate $120)

Please email with the code "Majik of life" to redeem your discount

50% OFF 

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online or In Person



Soul Guidance & Intuitive Tarot - Together we work intuitively with whatever emotion is present in the space, to bring about positive proactive change. We work with whatever is present for you!  Includes; tarot, oracle cards, focusing, ritual.

Relationships, Self-Love, Change & Transition, Harnessing Psychic Gifts

45 min soul guidance & intuitive tarot (video recording included) - $55 (standard rate $110)

75 min intuitive tarot & soul guidance (video recording included) - $70 (standard rate $140)

50% OFF 

Please private message me at or text 0481 880 288 with the code word "ocean" to receive the discount

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online and In Person


IRENE TAPUTU | Okawa Hill Readings

Irene is a clairvoyant & clairsentient that gently guides those on a path of self-discovery, healing, happiness and love. Irene connects with Spirit to bring their guidance to you and provides practical support on how to enhance your intuition.

Irene specialises in career, spiritual growth,  soul purpose & love through tarot & oracle readings.

30 min empower me readings - $40 (standard rate $80)

60 min tarot readings - $60 (standard rate $120)

50% OFF 

To claim this offer go to & type in discount code upon purchase for option 1: empower50 option 2: tarot50

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online Only


SHERREE MANIKS |  Feminine Empowerment heART Readings

Sherree uses one-of-a-kind oracle cards that help you bypass your mind to access your innate Feminine wisdom. YOUR answers - YOUR truth. This is the art of Feminine Empowerment. Welcome home beautiful.

'Being seen' - letting your true Feminine be confidently expressed through the clothes she desires to wear. Inner Masculine/Feminine Balance.

 25 min Heart Reading - $23 ( Standard Rate $45)

45 min heART reading - $39 ( standard rate $77)

Please go to & enter in coupon "7SISTERS" for 50% discount off booking

50% OFF 

Loves Readings For:

Offer: Online Only


ANNALIE MCKEOUGH | Centred Connections

As an Intuitive Empath Annalie connects to your Soul and Spirit Team to deliver the very messages and guidance you need to hear right now in relation to yourself your, relationships or challenging situations in life.

Matters of the Heart, Relationships & Energetic Dynamics.

Offer: Online Only

30 min reading - $33 (standard rate $66)

60 min reading - $49 (standard rate $99)

50% OFF 

Please go to & choose between-30min/1hr Reading. When booking enter Coupon Code "SEVENSISTERS50"

Loves Providing Insights On:

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