LIVE SESSIONS   16 - 18 OCT, 2020
+ Access to All Festival Workshop Recordings for next 6 months
is coming to your house and bringing you

• Sexuality & Dating        • Personal Development        • Self Love        • Sound Healing        • Spirituality          • Yoga

• Conscious Lifestyle       • Sustainable Living                 • Tantra            • Body Image              • Abundance       • Cooking

• Women’s cycles             • Women's Health                    • Dance            • Parenthood              • Qi Gong              • Business


Make 2020 your Year of Transformation 

Seven Sisters Festival is now 100% online. 

 Join and connect with extraordinary change-makers, leaders, visionaries, seekers, wisdom keepers and healers. 

Be the fullest version of yourself - break through limitations, open your heart and expand your awareness. 

Curate your own program from 80+ workshops, explore 70+ online market stalls and enjoy 50% over 90 healers, readers and coaches. 




Curate your own schedule



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Broaden your mind, nurture your body, replenish your

Seven Sisters has called in a broad array of talented healers, therapists, coaches, health practitioners, psychics, mediums counsellors and more to support you on your healing and health journey.​ ​This is your time to find the perfect coach to transform your limiting beliefs; a health consultant to assist with your hormones or gut troubles; a skilled massage therapist to ease those sore muscles or a skilled reader provide guidance or illuminate your unanswered questions.​

Explore more below.


Create Your Own Custom Experience 


LIVE SESSIONS   16 - 18 OCT, 2020
80+ WORKSHOPS   |   90+ HEALERS   |   100+ MARKET STALLS
+Access to 120+ hrs of recorded content for 6 months.


Find yourself a treasure

Over 70 online stalls to explore. Each stall is offering a special Seven Sisters Discount available the week of the festival 16th-23rd of October. Need a new outfit? Some unique handmade jewellery? crafts? pottery? Skin and health products? Food & Wine? Find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one and support our market stallholders & artists.

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Unique artisan items, designer clothes, natural skin care products, books, jewellery, health products,
crystals, handmade crafts, artwork, yoni eggs, handmade soaps, environmentally friendly products.

All this and more.

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Join Us on this New Online Adventure

We all deserve to treat ourselves and with all the Seven Sisters Specials


Your questions answered below 

How do I book a Healers or readers?

You will be emailed a private healing haven link with photos, descriptions and links of all healers, coaches, therapists and Readers. Scroll through, find somone who resonates and book directly through their page using your name and discount code. Bookings can be made during the week of 16th -18th of October but sessions can occur weeks or months later at a time that suits both you and the practitioner.

Are sessions for healers or readers online or in person?

They can be either online or in person. It is dependant on both the practitioner, their location and yourself. Each practioner will specify in their advert whether they are offering sessions, live or in person and which suburb they are based.

How do I access the market stall discounts?

You will be emailed a private Online Market Stall link with photos, descriptions, special offers and direct links to the market stalls online stalls. You can use codes to purchase from their entire range of products through each stalls individual site.

Are the workshops live?

Yes, the workshops are all live for the weekend of the 16th -18th of October between 7am- 10:30pm at night. You will have the choice of attending one of 5 workshops at any time. There are 30minute breaks scheduled between workshops and breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks as well to ensure a relaxed pace.

How will I access the festival?

You will be emailed a schedule and appropriate links for online market place, online healing haven and online Workshop Zoom rooms. WORKSHOPS: Will be live using Zoom rooms over the weekend of the 16th-18th of October. No bookings are required. Simply follow the link and you will be invited into the zoom room by a tech support person. Workshops will be recorded and made available 6 weeks after the event’s conclusion through an online membership site, for which you will be sent details once complete. HEALERS, READERS & MARKET STALLS You will receive a link to the Online healing haven and the Online Market Place. Scroll through to see photos, descriptions, specials and links of featured healers, readers and stalls. Click through to individual pages to make bookings or purchases. Discounts are available for the week for the 16th-18th of October for all stalls and bookings. Healing and reading sessions must be booking during the week of 16th -18th of October.

What if I am late or miss a workshop?

If you are late, you can still join if the presenter accepts late attendees. The tech support person will invite you into the room. If you miss a workshop, don’t worry. Most workshops will be recorded and made available in the online membership page 6 weeks after the festival. You will have 6 months access included in your ticket.

When do I get access to recordings?

Workshop recordings will be made available 6-8 weeks after the live event. This will allow us time for editing and uploading content to a membership site. You will be emailed details and will have access to their membership site to view videos and audios for 6months.

What about refunds?

We have a no refund policy, so consider carefully before you commit.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we do. Read more about them on our ticketing page. Payment Plans will finish 6 weeks prior to the festival date (1st SEP).

I want to attend but can’t afford a ticket- can you help?

Absolutely. We understand many are facing financial hardships at the moment and we want to make sure the festival is as accessible as possible as we all need a little support right now. Please email Rosanna at explaining your situation and requesting a discount for a financial assistance ticket of $67.

Can you tell us more about the name & origins of the festival?

You can read more about the name and the history of the festival on our main Website.

Cultural Acknowledgement

Although the festival is held online, the vision and creative team have been held and anchored in both the land of the Boon Wurrung, Taunguang and Djadjawurrung people of the Kulin Nation. The original festival was held in 2012 in Yorta Yorta country welcomed by Aunty Ella Anselmi before relocating to the lands of the Boon wurrung people where the event has been held and Welcomed by Senior Elder N'arweet Carolyn Briggs for the last 8 years. The following acknowledgement pays respect to the traditional custodians and ancestors of these collective regions, and the continuation of their cultural, spiritual and religious practices. We respectfully acknowledge the past and present traditional owners of the land of the Indigenous people, the traditional custodians of this land, and respect their culture and identity which has been bound up with the land and sea for generations. We respect their spiritual relationship with their country. We would like to acknowledge the people for the Kulin Nation as the custodians of this land and recognise that their culture and heritage is still important to the people today. We wish to pay respect to their Elders, both past and present, and further acknowledge the important role that Indigenous people continue to play within our communities. We acknowledge the contributions of Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people in educating all people in this country, which we all share and live in together. We wish to continually improve, be open to learn and find ways to increase awareness and recognition of Australia’s Indigenous people and their cultures and find ways to respect the land we all share. We invite members of the First Nations people to contact us in ways in how we can use our platform to support, celebrate, educate and acknowledge culture.

Do you offer goodwill tickets?

Each year we give a number of goodwill tickets to support those women in financial hardship or as a thank you to women who have gone above and beyond to serve their community and require a weekend of love, support and encouragement. To be eligible you must apply directly yourself and cannot apply on behalf of a friend or acquaintance. Please send an email of no more than 400 words to Please ensure your application is sent by no later than October 11th and you will be alerted to whether your application has been successful by October 13th.






80+ Live Workshops

140+ Hours of Content

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50% Off Psychics

Exclusive Discounts on 70+ Market Stalls

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Welcomes All Women

The festival acknowledges that although the festival is online, the creative team have been held and anchored in the lands of the traditional owners - the Boon Wurrung, Taunguang and Djadjawurrung people of the Kulin Nation.

Acknowledgement of Country

Seven Sisters welcomes all women

Including all people who identify as women, women of diverse backgrounds, women of diverse genders and sexes, women of diverse sexualities, women of diverse cultures, beliefs and religions and women of different abilities.